Top 5 The Most Popular False Myths About Losing Weight

There is no a single girl in this world who have never thought about trying to be on diet. Every day we are seeing tons and tons of photos of well-shaped people and, surely, we also want to look as gorgeous as them.

Internet offers numerous health-care sites sharing dieting info so everyone can find something that perfectly suits him. The problem is, that the diet industry has grown so much for the last years and gained such a great popularity, that at one point some false rumors about losing weight started sharing around the world and got the status of the only truth.

So, how to prevent yourself from being tricked and to know what is true or false about dieting?

Don’t worry, with this article we will show you TOP 5 the most popular myths about losing weight.

  1. You have to eat less

When we think about starting diet, we think that cutting our daily meals will help us lose weight faster. But the thing is – that it is not true. The one and only thing that really matters in a weight loss process is our metabolism. It helps us to gain energy by recycling the nutrients. Metabolism’s speed is unique to every single person, but still works according to the same rules: the less you eat, the slower metabolism speed becomes, and slow metabolism means the slow process of fat recycling.

  1. No meals after 6 pm

We’re declaring responsibly, that this fact is true only for those, who go to bed around 8-9 pm. The thing is, that for the food to be digested 3 hours is more than enough. That’s why, if your sleeping time starts from 10-11 pm you can easily have a small healthy meal 3 hours before.

  1. No fats

Sounds pretty logical first: I need to lose weight – extra weight is an extra fat – so I need to remove all fats from my daily meals. But if you try to learn this problem deeper, you will find out that fats aren’t all the same. By refusing eating any fats you force your body to struggle with the lack of the healthy fats, which are contained in such products as salmon, avocado, oil etc.

  1. Healthy nutrition = tasteless nutrition

Healthy nutrition is not just about boiled veggies or meat. It’s a great part of world’s cuisine full of millions and millions of recipes that even look gorgeously tasty. There are so many different insta-pages or Facebook blogs about healthy nutrition, that you can easily follow them and enjoy different recipes every day.

  1. You can lose 5kg per week

You have to remember a simple fact – all your extra kgs weren’t gained in a week, so, obviously, it’s impossible to lose them all just in a week. Fast weight loss will come out with the water, muscles and wastes, and, the most tragically fact, all of them will come back as soon as you start eating fast food back.

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