TOP 5 popular diets that really work

Before setting up your plan for losing weight you have to choose the diet, which will suit you and will work on you. This task sounds pretty easy until you actually try to search it and see hundreds and hundreds of different diets offered by numerous dieting websites.

How to know whether it’s good diet plan or not? Will it really help? Which one should I choose? So many questions that your head seems to to explode. But there’s no need to struggle with these questions anymore. Stay with us and with this article we will show you TOP 5  popular diets that really work.


  • The Ducan’s diet


It’s a very popular diet plan that’s earned enough popularity among top-celebrities in the whole world. The main requirement of this diet is that you have to follow exceptionally protein nutrition without any restrictions for this type of food. Digesting process of proteins is more complicated and requires more energy than fats and carbs, your organism starting to use own fat for the digesting. Later, step by step, you will add veggies and other products to your daily ration. Check the official web site for more details.


  • The Hollywood diet


This diet, as you see, is highly popular among Hollywood stars. It requires the strict measuring of daily calories and also you will have to eat less carbs and more food with proteins. It’s a quite strict diet with maximum period of 1 course around 14 days and you can lose up to 10 kg while dieting. Requires a great health and forbidden to use more than twice per year.


  • Angels’ diet


Also famous as the diet of Top-models. Dieting period lasts two weeks and during these weeks you can only eat 1 boiled egg and 300 grams of cottage cheese per day. Strict diet, but it helps to lose from 5 to 10 kg per course.  It’s also possible to prolong the dieting for a few more courses.


  • Juice detox diet


Hard to follow but gives a great result. Detox juice program will help you not only lose some weight but also refresh your organism and literally detox it. Lasts around 3-5 days and helps to lose up to 3 kg.  Can be also used on a regular basis by providing 1 detox day per week.


  • Brazilian diet


This diet requires eating only fruits, veggies and vegetable soups during the whole course. It also requires a great will power and health. One course lasts for 7 days and it is possible to lose up to 4 kg.

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